The digital thread weaves its way through everything we do at Raytheon Missiles & Defense. It  gives customers a better, closer, more holistic view of solutions… as they happen. Because speed is everything on today’s battlefield and speed to it is just as critical.

We are digitally transforming every aspect of our business from designing to building and maintaining products and services that outpace the threat and turn speed of delivery into the ultimate advantage. We’re moving faster to deliver better ideas, better designs, and a better partnership for our customers.

We use advanced digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and virtual reality, to collaborate with our customers in real time and connect processes and data across every level of our organization to rapidly build customer trust and confidence.

We’re bringing next-generation advantages to the field, first and setting the pace of performance.

Setting the pace of performance

We're digitally transforming every aspect of our business to deliver end-to-end solutions that detect, track and engage threats.

Digital business operations

Analytics and decision support

Maximizing data to drive decisions and make customer collaboration more insightful — in real-time, all the time.

Connected factory

Three people review radar mock-up on large screen

Using digital technology to allow seamless sharing of information among people, machines, and sensors. 

Digital product development

Digital product development

Leveraging digital product development to bring new technologies, approaches, tools and methods to the product development process.

Updating the fleet faster

We’re offering an agile DevSecOps-based surface combatant software factory that will revolutionize the U.S. Navy’s ability to respond to and outpace threats.

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Infusing advanced technologies

We're using artificial intelligence and machine learning to assess data, predict performance in real-world scenarios and help customers make better purchasing decisions.

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Digital sustainment

Stinger Virtual Trainer

Modernizing and developing common, scalable solutions for maintenance, prognostics and training to help lower lifecycle costs.

Creating the digital thread

At Raytheon Missiles & Defense, we’re using digital technology across our portfolio to get capabilities and systems into the hands of our warfighters quicker to give them the advantage on the battlefields of today and tomorrow.

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Advancing STEM Interests

We are committed to helping students discover a passion for digital engineering and exposing them to the innovative careers of tomorrow.
Digital Transformation careers with Raytheon Missiles & Defense

Digital Transformation Careers

We solve problems with modern technology—artificial intelligence, machine learning, DevSecOps, cloud computing and 5G—and we hire top talent to do it.

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