Taking on the world’s challenges means seeing and acting beyond the borders of our business.

To speed our impact, we are collaborating with and investing in our communities in transformative ways that enable lifelong learning, honor those who serve and create local impact.

Grant to help close talent gap

Life and work in Tucson

Employees share their perspectives and favorite places in and around Tucson, Arizona.

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Inspiring lifelong learning

A woman sits at a desk with a laptop

The future of aerospace and defense begins with motivating the innovators of tomorrow. We invest in educational initiatives that cultivate science, technology, engineering and math skills; encourage diverse thinking; build leadership and expand the hiring pipeline.

Honoring service

CSR Ironwood Farm - Community Involvement

We support the brave men and women who keep us safe by investing in programs that help veterans transition to new careers after service, keep military families connected, and inspire their children through education.

Investing in and serving our communities

Investing in and serving our communities

Partnering with diverse organizations that support the basic human needs helps improve the communities where we live and work. And, with skill-based volunteerism, we change lives and make a meaningful impact in our communities.


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