Naval forces must evolve rapidly to address increasingly sophisticated threats being ushered in by great power competition. Advanced technology is necessary to close the “detect-control-engage” loop in the maritime domain.

From sensors to command and control systems to precision weapons, Raytheon Missiles & Defense delivers innovation at the speed of relevance to protect U.S. and allied ships and sailors around the world.

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The U.S. Navy's SPY-6 radar in production at a Raytheon Missiles & Defense facility.


Sensors can identify threats quickly to give decision-makers insight at a moment's notice. Space-based sensors keep tabs on the environment, advanced radars monitor missile launches from across the globe, and infrared imaging devices expose what the human eye can't detect.

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Command and control capabilities

Command and Control

Raytheon Missiles & Defense is a leader in command and control systems, combining sensors and advanced networks to expand situational awareness across the maritime battlespace.

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Precision weapons capabilities

Advanced Strike Weapons

Precision naval weapons allow our customers to carry out discriminating strikes on bona fide targets and defend against incoming attacks with unprecedented effectiveness to give militaries a decisive edge in the battlespace.

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ESSM launch

Ship Self-Defense Weapons

Protecting the mission and those carrying it out is paramount. Our modern ship self-defense weapons give navies around the world precision and firepower in four overlapping layers:  long range, medium range, short range and close-in.

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