Raytheon Missiles & Defense breakthrough technologies enable sensors to see farther. They mean command-and-control systems can process data faster. And they mean operators can employ interceptors to engage their targets with even greater precision.

Deployed around the world and drawing on the company's decades-long dedication to reliability and readiness, these integrated technologies are helping the U.S., its friends and allies make the world a safer place.

An image of a missile interceptor flying into space.

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Missile defense now and into the future

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ground-based sensor to detect, discriminate and track threats.


Countering threats across domains, sea-, ground- and space-based sensors–in a layered approach–that detect, discriminate and track threats wherever they are.

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missiles and interceptors that defeat incoming missiles and warheads.


Harnessing the power of the world’s most advanced missiles and interceptors to defeat threats ranging from sophisticated ballistic missiles to crude rockets and mortars.

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Raytheon Missiles & Defense's artistic rendering of a GPI conceptual design.


Raytheon Missiles & Defense reaches key milestone in Glide Phase Interceptor development

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