In a new era of warfare, our precision weapons are meeting the mission—hitting the target and nothing else.

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Soldiers watching as another soldier with a shoulder-held launcher deploys a javalin missile

Javelin Missile

The Javelin missile is a shoulder-fired, anti-armor weapon system that guides itself to the target, allowing the operator to take over.

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Stinger missile being deployed from a launcher on top of a vehicle

Stinger Missile

The Stinger® missile is a short-range air defense system that can be shoulder-launched or fired from a helicopter or ground launcher, and it's equipped with a proximity fuse to counter drone threats.

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Howitzer-type gun firing an excalibur projectile

Excalibur Projectile

The Excalibur® projectile is a precision-guided munition that engages targets at long ranges, while avoiding collateral damage.

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