Be stronger than the enemy.

When protecting a base, convoy or patrol, Soldiers and Marines must be equipped to defeat threats at every level – strategic, tactical and technological.

Raytheon Missiles & Defense delivers integrated, precise and proven solutions to overpower adversarial forces.

From shoulder-fired weapons to ground-based air defense, our systems deliver a decisive edge on the battlefields of today and tomorrow.

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3rd Gen FLIR


We turn night into day. Our advanced targeting systems give operators better vision to see through darkness, smoke, rain, snow and fog.

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Lynx infantry fighting vehicle

Lynx Infantry Fighting Vehicle

The Lynx Infantry Fighting Vehicle is a next-generation, tracked, armored fighting vehicle designed to address the critical challenges of the future battlefield. Lynx provides unparalleled troop protection and features technology to keep our men and women in uniform ahead of the threat.

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Excalibur S munition testing

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