Raytheon Missiles & Defense’s products are built to handle the world’s most-contested environments—and our sustainment solutions ensure they are always ready to perform the mission. With multiple systems fielded in 28 countries, you can depend on us to be a trusted partner in providing world-class training and maintenance, ensuring operational readiness at the lowest possible cost.


Training has evolved with the threat. Whether it’s virtual or in the field, Raytheon Missiles & Defense offers modern training solutions to ensure your team is always at the ready.

Mission Training on a Digital Battlefield


Stinger Virtual Trainer offers troops a hyperrealistic experience to train for combat scenarios in a virtual environment.

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Maintenance and Support

Get hands-on support anywhere in the world by tapping into the Raytheon Missiles & Defense network of field service experts or with our extended reality offerings. Our maintenance and support solutions not only extend the life of our world-class products, but ensure they always stay ahead of the threat. 

Working Remotely in the Military


The VirtualWorx collaboration system helps keep military systems in top shape using augmented reality to assist with repairs.

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Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics allow us to calculate the remaining useful life of a product through system health information securely collected from the field. This preventative approach to condition-based maintenance ensures you never have an essential piece of technology go down.