Integrated defense is smarter defense

Our experts will be on hand to discuss how advanced counter-UAS technologies work together across the business, as well as integration efforts for precision weapons such as the AMRAAM missile, StormBreaker smart weapon and Joint Strike Missile.

We’ll show how our land-based sensors – the advanced Early Warning Radar and the Lower Tier Air and Missile Defense Sensor, or LTAMDS – play a key role in an integrated, layered defense architecture by providing persistent, 360-degree capability against complex threats.

And we’ll cover how we partner across industry and leverage digital engineering to accelerate the development of air-breathing hypersonic technologies.  

Learn more about how we use our experience as the world’s leading defense integrator to deliver next-level solutions like these:

Connected defense against enemy drones


Bringing together the right mix of advanced sensors to put eyes on target and tailoring effectors to the environment and threat.

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Uniting to beat ballistic missiles

Upgraded Early Warning Radar

Deterring threats by bringing together the Early Warning Radar with ground-based sensors like the AN/TPY-2 radar, Global Patriot Solutions, LTAMDS and THAAD – and doing it in a cyber-hardened environment.

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Partnering for hypersonic flight

An artist

Teaming across industry to bring proven technology together with cutting-edge developments in heat management, propulsion and sensing.

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