Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Speed is everything on today’s battlefield and speed to it is just as critical.

To move faster, we’re digitally transforming every aspect of our business—from designing to building, selling and to maintaining products and services—to deliver end-to-end systems that detect, track and engage threats.

We use advanced digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data, to connect processes and data across the company. It allows us to make real-time changes and incorporate new options exponentially faster.

Moving faster means rapidly building customer trust and confidence, and that’s what our digital transformation journey allows us to do.

Stinger Virtual Trainer

Mission training on a digital battlefield

Stinger Virtual Trainer offers troops a hyperrealistic experience

A digital rendering of the Lynx Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Coming soon: A smart combat vehicle

Digitally designed using artificial intelligence, here’s our vision for the U.S. Army’s Bradley replacement – the Lynx Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

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3D visualizations

Visualizing the art of the possible

Learn how we infuse artificial intelligence and machine learning into modeling and simulations to help customers make better decisions.

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DevSecOps-based surface combatant software factory to answer the U.S. Navy’s call

Updating the fleet faster

We’re offering an agile DevSecOps-based surface combatant software factory that will revolutionize the U.S. Navy’s ability to respond to and outpace threats.

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