Advanced Strike

Advanced Strike

Protecting today’s naval force. Meeting the mission needs of the future. Only Raytheon offers solutions that are ready now to do both – with the SM-6® missile, Tomahawk cruise missile and Naval Strike Missile.


Performance – Not Promises

  • Tomahawk missile is 1/3 of the cost, delivers 2x the range and has >2,200 combat missions vs. 0 for competing systems
  • Tomahawk missile and SM-6 missile are already integrated on the vertical launch system, or VLS, of U.S. Navy ships, with no costly delays or unproven modifications required
  • Tomahawk missile, SM-6 missile and Naval Strike Missile are ready now – not years from now
  • SM-6 missile breaks performance records in test after test from an actual VLS on a real ship
  • Naval Strike Missile is the only fielded fifth-generation long-range missile, a testament to its track record

Range & Capability
Range and capabilities of Raytheon’s advanced naval strike portfolio are complementary for layered offensive and defensive solutions across platforms to enable distributed lethality.

Continuous upgrades enhance Tomahawk missile's communications, navigation and warhead. SM-6 missile is upgraded via software, not hardware, to enable multi-mission capabilities unlike any other missile. Naval Strike Missile is the only active fifth generation missile, with multiple innovations and advancements.

Integrated & Ready
Raytheon's advanced naval strike portfolio is already integrated and configured on the VLS, making our solutions ready now – not years from now – to meet today’s threats.

SM-6 missile is the most affordable missile per defended area and threat set. Tomahawk missile is 1/3 the cost of competing solutions. Naval Strike Missile’s development saved the U.S. millions of dollars in research and development.

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