Mitch Stevison

Dr. Mitch Stevison, vice president of the Strategic and Naval Systems product line for Raytheon Missile & Defense

Mitch Stevison

Vice President, Strategy, Raytheon Missiles & Defense

Dr. Mitch Stevison is vice president of Strategy for Raytheon Missile & Defense, a business of Raytheon Technologies. He oversees designing and executing comprehensive business strategy, portfolio shaping, and evaluating investment opportunities to further advance the Raytheon Missiles & Defense portfolio.

Stevison, an Army veteran, served as vice president of Strategic and Naval Systems at Raytheon Missiles Systems, prior to Raytheon Company’s merger with United Technologies Corporation in 2020.
Prior to that, Stevison was the director of the SM-3® program, where he was responsible for all variants of the SM-3® missile portfolio, both domestically and internationally.

He holds a doctorate in business administration from TUI University in Cypress, California, a master’s degree from Central Michigan University, and a bachelor’s degree from Athens State University in Athens, Alabama.