Packs plenty of power in half the space

The Peregrine™ missile is a small, fast, lightweight air-to-air weapon for use against drones, manned aircraft and cruise missiles. Built with additive manufacturing and readily available materials, the missiles are low cost. They are also lighter, effectively doubling the number of missiles that current fighter jets can carry.

Goes the distance

The new, smaller Peregrine is faster and more maneuverable than legacy medium-range, air-to-air missiles. Its relatively compact, 6 foot long airframe weighs just over 150 pounds.

Penetrates bad weather

Peregrine can seek out targets, even in bad weather. Its sophisticated sensor, guidance and propulsion systems can detect, track and engage moving targets at any time of day.

Increases firepower

The system’s compact airframe doubles the number of weapons current aircraft can carry, allowing U.S. and allied fighter pilots to field more missiles and maintain air dominance. It can be easily used by today's fourth- and fifth-generation fighter jets and is compatible with current launch gear.

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